About Alco Exposures

Hey there, we’re Keith & Jocelyn, a Tampa-based couple with a passion for photography, travel, wildlife, and the natural world. Our love for exploring the great outdoors has taken us to some incredible places around the world, where we've had the opportunity to capture some truly stunning photographs.

Recently, we've decided to take our passion for photography to the next level with our new project, ALCO Exposures. This is an extension of our blog, Average Lost Couple, where we share our travel itineraries and tips to help others get out there and explore the world.

We believe in the power of storytelling through imagery and our goal is to create stunning prints that capture the essence of your favorite destinations and bring the beauty of nature right into your homes. Through this project, we hope to not only share our love for the locations we visit but also support local conservation efforts and help preserve the places we photograph for future generations.